Week 1 – Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology



  • Blog Post: Map of a Block
  • Blog Comment: Comment on the posts of two of your classmates. These comments should be approximately 150-200 words each. Your comment should either add to a classmate’s argument by citing more evidence or respectfully disagree. Base your comments on course readings, lectures, and films. Personal opinions are not the same as reflections based on the required materials.

7 thoughts on “Week 1 – Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

  1. Several people have emailed me regarding accessing the content. There is a password. It is different than your WordPress password. You can also find this information on the “Home/Announcements” page which you should have read before trying to access the week’s content:

    What is the username/password to watch this and other videos?
    To watch this video and ALL OTHER online course videos, you will need to use the universal login information. This information has been sent to you in your introductory email from me. Please note that this is DIFFERENT from your word press login information which is individual to you. If anyone from class asks you for the username and password, please send it via an email or direct them to the D2L “News” or “Content” sections where they are also listed. Do not post it in a blog or comment in Word Press as anyone outside the class can see it and the videos as well.

    • The main thing is that you did not meet the word count requirement. Remember that it is all points or no points, so you need to pay attention to detail. You did not categorize the post either, but since it was the first week, I was giving people a pass on that issue. Hope this helps.

  2. #DEON may I update my post to match the required word count and earn back points as you look through everyone’s posts and allot points for one of them? When I wrote this post, I hadn’t watched the final lecture of the first week so I wasn’t aware that the word count was spelled out within the lectures. I’d greatly appreciate the generosity!


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