Week 2 – Systems of Difference



  • Blog Post: Systems of Difference
  • Blog Comment: Comment on the posts of two of your classmates. These comments should be approximately 150-200 words each. Your comment should either add to a classmate’s argument by citing more evidence or respectfully disagree. Base your comments on course readings, lectures, and films. Personal opinions are not the same as reflections based on the required materials.

11 thoughts on “Week 2 – Systems of Difference

  1. #HELP #DEON I cannot access the last video, White: a memoir in color. Every time I click on the link, it takes me to a page that asks for a log in.

      • #HELP #DEON , it’s not a problem with the course password. I have that written down and have no problem accessing the other videos or the lectures–upon clicking the link for “White: a Memoir in Color”, it takes me to a log in screen on Alexander Street. It then proceeds to indicate that I need both a username and password, but that my MSU password is not valid, and that it cannot locate MSU’s library system.

        • Oh, you can use your MSU 3mail and password. If it doesn’t work directly at the website, access Alexander Street through the MSU library website.

          Go to this site and scroll down to “databases” I think it is, click on “Filmakers Library Online” and then search for the title of the film from there.


        • Did you get it worked out? The links were malfunctioning because Alexander Street had updated their site and changed the links. I contacted our people and the links should be reset. Let me know via email if they are still not working.

  2. #DEON
    I took a look at the grades for this week’s comments and I did not receive credit but I did receive credit for the blog post. Is there a reason for that?

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