Week 3 – Meaning Making



  • Blog Post: Description of a Ritual
  • Blog Comment: Comment on the posts of two of your classmates. These comments should be approximately 150-200 words each. Your comment should either add to a classmate’s argument by citing more evidence or respectfully disagree. Base your comments on course readings, lectures, and films. Personal opinions are not the same as reflections based on the required materials

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Meaning Making

  1. #DEON, I might be missing some instructions somewhere, because when I go to the link for Video: 3.1. Languages Lost and Found (28 min) I am asked for login credentials. I tried my user name and password for here, my user name and password for MSU, and I even tried my user name for here and the password you gave us for all the videos, and nothing works. What should we do to see this video?

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