W1 Reflection Post

Prompt 1:

During the first lecture we were asked to jot down ideas of what we believed archaeology to be. When I think of archaeology I can picture groups of eager people in khaki shorts and boots out digging. There used to be a time when I used to think that archaeologists dug up dinosaur remains, but now i know that is not the case. I now think of archaeology as what it is, a way in which eager souls look to seek the truth about modern society through the understanding of those that stood before us. I believe archaeology is important, and someday will shed light on the past that will impact the world on a global scale.

Prompt 2:

In the video we watched, we saw the excavators using a gentle approach to excavate their area. Since the area was incredibly sensitive, they used more man power to dig up the sand and transported it with buckets and wheelbarrows. What makes this approach different than others was in my opinion the method. I have seen different forms of excavation where tougher methods were used. Machines like bulldozers and such were used to speed up processes. The method used in the video was a ton more gentle. Spectators gathered around as well to watch the project be done. It is important to note that this land that they were digging up was home to many Native American tribes before, so I thought it was cool that they had members of those tribes around to shed light on the land. I think that this video is much more realistic than things we see in the media. The media has a tendency to glorify and exaggerate almost all things. The video was simple compared to what is seen in the media. There were no booby traps or death traps anywhere. No freak storms or accidents. The video was just a representation of actual archaeology in the sense that they were excavating to understand the land and the people that lived there before. The surrounding terrain made it a bit harder because the wind and water were posing a threat to the excavation, which is why the workers had to be a bit more careful than normal. In one of the lectures Professor Silva talked about the sphinx and how it was uncovered and covered again and then uncovered later on. When the sphinx was uncovered by Thutmose IV, I imagine that it was more difficult and far more time consuming. Giving the time period I wonder if it is known what materials were used for the to get the job done.

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  1. Hey Jayelo! I also assumed that archaeologists worked with dinosaur remains, but now that we know that archaeology is focused on studying human past, it makes sense why they don’t search for remains from any other species.

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