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Prompt 1

I think archaeology is about the study of dinosaurs or old fossils. Rather, its about digging things up, human or animal remains. And it seems to me that archaeology can be done without public support. What archaeologists really do is study evidence of past people in many different ways.  There are many different sites for archaeology not just Egypt  and although most people think its about just digging things up its not. Its more so the past that did this and now there is a more holistic approach when it comes to archaeology. Due to its past there was also a misconception that archeology is the findings of valuable “treasures”, yet today its less about the mysterious objects and more about the understanding of people who made these object and decoding the process and events that occurred in the past.

Prompt 2

So in the film  they explain that in the past (using grand canyon as an example) the archeologists at the sites focused a lot on research rather than other things. Now moreover, the archaeologists focus on preservation which is rather important since the flooding of the River causes archaeological sites to wash away. Aside from preservation, they also focus on the people that use to live in these sites and learning about them. This illustrates how they focus more on people and how they used objects found in sites as i said above. If you look at the dig that the video discussed you can see that today archaeologists are trained to show the importance of taking the locals views and stories and not just hunt for objects. The archaeologists consult each and every Native American tribe that seemed to have ties to the area of the dig. As i said before these archaeologists dig for research purposes not just to find artifacts. They only go in and dig when they must to support their process. And unlike before the archaeologists show the public what they find rather than keep it to themselves. The media would most definitely present archaeologists as looters who find valuable artifacts and keep them for themselves as they go through dig sites. The video illustrates that they are in fact, archaeologists who are very interested in what they are doing and love to do what they do in order to better research and finding out more about culture rather than just artifacts. There are no booby traps and clever mazes to go through and aside from that there is no crazy treasures or immense wealth that they are all set to uncover, but rather a preservation of culture and research for things that would otherwise not be preserved. As example, the data collected and stored is much more intricate than it was in the past. People did not care to explain their findings and instead did it for the items themselves. Yes, there may have been a little documentation that was done in the past, but compared to now it is nothing from what archaeologists do today. Today, they put a lot more emphasis on every little aspect of their dig sites and excavation in order to preserve and save a historical site and its culture.

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