W2 Archaeology in the News: Discovery of Philistine Cemetery

The article I read was Discovery of Philistine Cemetery May Solve Biblical Mystery in National Geographic by Kristin Romey. Earlier this week archaeologist have discovered 211 human remains that have been buried almost 3,000 years ago in Israel. This research is significant because it may help archaeologist and the people from Israel learn and solve the mystery behind the Philistine’s origin. These findings will hopefully uncover information from the Hebrew Bible about the Philistines. Archaeologist wanted to answer critical questions about the origin of the philistines and how they assimilated into the local culture. Archaeologist did a cultural history approach and the contextual approach. Now they are trying to do a processual approach. For cultural history approach, they found many cities and artifacts that were unique to the Philistines. They knew their burial practices and knew Philistines deposited very few grave good with the deceased. Which took on the processual approach because they started to notice more and more goods in graves. For example, the archaeologist discovered infant’s remains and a blanket full of pottery over their bodies. So is it a new culture thing for the Philistines, significant thing or maybe it’s not a Philistines grave site. This is what the archaeologist are now trying to figure out.

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