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Bronze Age Burial Unearthed near Russia’s Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia Author: Anna Liesowska | Source: The Siberian Times [July 13, 2016]

This article was about a discovery of what is believed to be a Bronze Age couple from the Glazkov culture.  The find is at a well known burial site that dates back to Neolithic times found in southern Siberia, Russia by Lake Baikal.  The burial is of an elderly male and female.  Their exact relationship is unknown.  They skeletons are oriented their backs with their heads facing west and they are holding hands. Bone samples have been sent to Canada for analysis however DNA sampling will not take place due to the expense.  The bones are believed to be between 4500 and 5000 years old.  There were a number of artifacts found with the couple including rare jade rings and an unknown metal implement found on the male and a jade knife was found by the female.

The find raises much interest for me. Did they pass at the same time? Did one pass and the other committed suicide in order to go to the afterlife together?  Were they related? There is much we may never know but the questions are abundant and fascinating.

I am happy that the exact location of the site has been kept a secret.  The article pointed out the problem with “amateur” diggers that would likely show up and wreck the site and possible other finds.  I thought that was also a nice way of saying they want to keep the looters away.

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  1. It is amazing the stories that archaeological sites can tell. To me, it is almost unfathomable that these two skeletons were actual people who lived and had their own set of experiences. It makes you wonder what type of story that we’ve left behind. Will someone ever find the remains of my body or my possessions? What story will these remains tell? What information might archaeologists be able to infer about my life?

    Like you, I am also glad that the location is being protected from looters. It’s very important for archaeological sites to be preserved, and it sounds like the archaeologists at this site are doing just that!

  2. I think it is very interesting that this site is so extremely small and that you focused on the items that the bodies were buried with. For my article the age of the find was the most Important part. I wonder however if jade is a common precious stone to this part of Russia or if it is an import. I think the orientation in which they were buried is immensely more important. If they are believed to be a part of the Glazkov culture then where is the village, and why are there only two people here? Also you mention that it is getting sent for analysis but that there are no funds, I wonder why you chose this information to include.

  3. Wow, that is an interesting find! It is truly amazing that archaeologists are able to find remains dating from that long ago. This raises the same questions for me! Reading about this makes me really wish that I knew what the couple’s lives were like and their story. If I were an archaeologist, it would kill me to find something like this and to not know more! I am also very glad that the exact location of the skeletal remains is being kept secret. Looters are a serious problem and inhibitor to the preservation of archaeological remains.

  4. I liked this piece because of the physical/forensic background it could possess. Finding skeletons that are placed or positioned in a certain manner could mean a ton of things. Burials probably weren’t uncommon during the bronze age, but being able to study those skeletons would be incredible. The analysis of this piece is pretty great and it was good to see that it sparked interest in its author. The questioned that were posed were also awesome, it makes me wonder as an aspiring anthologist, how did these people die? how’d there end up where they were and why? This post made me think and I will also have to check out this article to read more about this find.

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