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For my Archaeology in the News blog post this week I visited archaeologynewsnetwork.blogpost.com and was immediately drawn to an article about recent finds that provide insight to the everyday lives of those native to the Bronze Age. The article was posted on July 14, 2016. The article discuses the 10 month excavation of a site in Cambridgeshire led by Selina Davenport of the Cambridgeshire archaeology unit. The article says that around 2,000 people assisted in the dig including many undergraduate students who were given the opportunity to be apart of the dig. The piece of this article that I can compare to class is the processes that were used. It seems as if the history of this place was important to those who participated in the dig. I mean why else would anyone spend 10 months on a project like this? The significance of this find is incredible though! The finds on this dig included things such as what the people wore, what they ate, how they died, etc. To me this is significant because it shows us that not all of that history is gone. It also sheds light on how our culture was affected and or shaped by this one. Which I believe is very important.

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  1. I like your perspective that modern day cultures have been shaped by cultures of the past. I never thought of it this way, but it is very true. Especially in America, our culture is shaped and molded by many other cultures. We have taken bits and pieces from hundreds of other cultures and we have made it our own. It would be interesting to see, hundreds of years from now, what people of the future are saying about the way that we lived. Will they see us as a civilization ahead of our time or will we be looked down upon as a civilization who did not live up to their potential?

  2. That project site seems very interesting. Sometimes it is hard to think of how someone from the bronze age lived. Was it really that different from today? It is nice to see how passionate so many people are about old cultures that made ours what it is today. Finding out about the small things in people’s lives from a long time ago to be interesting. It gives more of a sense of what they had to go through. I agree that not all history is gone. More and more of it is being found every day.

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