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I found a very interesting news video on CNN.com about the opening of a brand new archaeology exhibit called, “Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds.”  This exhibit displays many fascinating and breathtaking artifacts found from the ancient Egyptian era.  The curators of the exhibit gave a mini tour showcasing just a few of the incredible artifacts they have on display for the public.  There are towering statues that seem to be in perfect conditions, along with many ceramics, and even tablets and stones with scriptures on them that help us understand the lives they lived back then.  The curators talked about how based off the hieroglyphics on certain tablets and structures, they can decipher many of the mysteries of ancient Egypt.  In particular, the video showed a tablet with hieroglyphics explaining the taxation system on imported and exported goods in the area.  Just as we learned in class, these modern day archaeologists didn’t simply find these artifacts to put them in museums, but used them to gain knowledge about cultures of the past.  During the exhibit’s grand opening, many archaeologists talked about how fascinating it was to learn about how the Greek and Egyptian cultures influenced each other, and that learning about the past civilizations is an amazingly powerful thing.


The title of the video was, “Egyptian sunken cities are unveiled at archaeology exhibition,” and was posted on June 13th.  Here’s the link to the video if anyone wants to watch it.  I highly recommend it!  http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2016/06/13/inside-africa-sunken-cities-spc-c.cnn

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  1. I think it’s fascinating that they found a tablet that described the taxation system for importing/exporting in that area. What a cool artifact to find not only for its physical existence, but what it shows about that culture. In regards to Egyptian and Greek cultures influencing each other, I agree with the archaeologists about how fascinating that truly is. Those are two of the more powerful ancient cultures we know about and to see that they had just as big of an influence on each other is indicative to how highly they have always been viewed. It’s also great to read that they seemed to have found so many artifacts that were in great condition.

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