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The ongoing research as well as the previous ones during the 80’s on the morton village is very insightful. The central Illinois river valley had a lot of diversity. This project helps us understand the life people had during the prehistoric times. The life of Mississippian and Oneota people differed in a lot of ways, even though they existed during the same time period. They studied how people had different lifestyles. The comparison made between the Mississippian people and Oneota people is very interesting. The Oneota people lived in the north and stuck to places with water and where the environment offers means for hunting and gathering. It also shows how varied the pots were made during the same time period but depending upon the geographical region. Mississipian people had pots made of all sizes for different uses while the oneotan people had a similar way of making them, they were quite decorated on the outside. The houses made by both the people also had some differences and similarities. On the outside there is not much difference but the way they were made internally is quite distinct. Single post houses were made by the Mississippian people and wall trench construction was done by the Oneota people.

Perhaps the most interesting point would be how in the previous research they analysed the site and predicted that some kind of violence had occurred between both tribes. The way they studied the cemetery and gathered facts about the way people died there, how they were left for extended periods of time. It is all overwhelming that so much information can be gathered about the past by simply examining the sites and collecting data.

A few questions that arise in my mind are, how could be there so much difference in the lifestyles of two communities living  not so far apart? What had led to the violence? What conflict could have arise? What compelled either community to attack the other? Was it some kind of a climatic change that led to this or simply just the need to gain power over the other?

The Morton Village Project is simply fascinating. It shows us results about such a culturally varied site. The Mississippian and the Oneota people truly had some level of integration which is why they co-existed at the same time. We need to understand how the migration affected both communities and what was the true cause of it.

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  1. Jaiwant, good discussion about the Morton Village site, but what approaches were they using? Also, Mississippians built wall trench structures and the Oneota made single post structures.

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