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I think that it is important to note that I needed a minute to wrap my head around this weeks prompt. I was a bit confusing, but that was only due to my confusion about the different processes of archaeology. However after a deeper analysis I understood things better. I want to also state that I have heard about Morton Village before, and its a location that I would love to go and get some experience, the lecture and article about this place made it tons more intriguing even though I am sure they barely scratch the surface. In terms of the cultural history of Morton Village, it was mentioned several times that two groups of people known as The Mississippians and The Oneota once inhabited what is now modern day Morton Village. When thinking about that I think that the lecture put a ton of emphasis on these two groups. Their specific locations and the rivers where they resided were laid out for us. One thing that stood out to me was the matter of whether both groups cohabitated or if they were there at different points.  Both the lecture and article drew on the culture history by providing an outline of the groups, the tools they use and the places they lived in, which is important when assessing when these groups lived at the site. Processual archaeology is a theory that took over in 1958 and it focuses more on the science behind the site.  When applying that definition, I think that the use of the scientific method is in place when the excavations are going on there. The groups ask questions about what they want or hope to find. What the groups may have had or done to distinguish themselves or exactly when they lived. I think all of these questions are asked when these sites are being observed. With that in mind I honestly would like to know more about what drives them to answer the question about the groups. I would like to know hat impact the finding of this would have on humanity if any at all. I think it would be cool to know that a project this big has a deeper purpose than what’s on the surface or what we know.  All in all I think that Morton village could potentially shed light on the history of the groups that lived there. I think that there’s something important there, and I’m serious to see its impacts on the world of archaeology.

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  1. Jayelo, it is valuable to understand how the Oneota and Mississippians came together and cohabitated at Morton Village. This can tell us a lot about how people interacted in the past and inform us about the ways people may interact in the present or future.

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