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The Morton Village Project is actually a current project that is a site with evidence of two groups occupying the site. These two groups are the Oneota and Mississippian. The Cultural History approach is all about the chronology of the Past as we learned in lecture. Cultural History is all about asking the questions of where, when, what, etc.  So the lecture and the article look at the cultural history as well since they look at specific tools and equipment both groups used in the inhabited places. This is most definitely a cultural history approach to the concept and if we want to look at specifics we can look at the pottery of the tribes. The pottery was very different from one another as they were made differently and designed differently, yet there is past information that illustrates that the two can be on the same grounds. At the same time both tribes could have been inhabiting the same place and even start to merge together crossing their pottery design and construction together. Now Processual approach is based of a theory from 1958 and it zones in on the scientific portion behind the inhabited site. It focuses more on how and why events happened. With this in mind I think of a scientific study to figure out this information. As the article illustrated that the Morton village project was looking at the Cemetery and how there seems to be evidence of a dispute among the two tribes. So this makes you wonder what the two groups would have done to establish themselves on the site? Did they fight over the land? What lead to these deaths and why did it happen? How did it happen? Were their other parties involved that had a hand in all this? As you read further into this the research also shows that these deaths seemed to be very violent. So this makes an archaeologist ask if this was an act of war or not? Was this something that happened extremely often and will there be more evidence that comes through it? So there are a few paradigms that I discussed that gives one the idea of how life was like back then. And it also goes to show that there can always be more evidence that comes to light which illustrates more knowledge and shows us more about what happened back then. Its actually quite amazing how the several approaches to archaeology fit together.

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  1. The archaeology at the Morton Village Project is very interesting. I notice that many questions came up for you. It seems you can learn more and more about the people through their ‘garbage’ and yet it just brings up more and more questions. It seems that is a problem many archaeologists struggle with. The several approaches of archaeology did come together in a way to give a larger picture of the two lost cultures. I also found it interesting how the pottery had different designs and styles and yet it shows how the two tribes where somehow more related than initially thought.

  2. Mohammad, good discussion about the different archaeological approaches being employed at Morton Village, good job seeing the connections between the approaches!

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