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1. All the Strata are complicated, but Stratum H’ seems to be the one that has the most detailed sequence. There is a few strata before this one that have the same sort of details, such as the red paint on the pottery, yet H is the most detailed sequence. Or at least the one with the most sequences out of all the red painted strata. Everything after Strata H seems to be different and have no connection to the pattern of red painted bands. As we know A is new and U is old so maybe it gets simpler over time.

2 and 3. Yes, most definitely. From stratum A to N there is pottery with many similarities such as red color or triangular stirrups. Yet the most prominent thing we can see is the red bands on pottery which goes to as old as N. So the fact that there is a pattern in the artifacts could point to the fact that there may have been mixing. This can be seen in H, H’, G and etc. One may also look at L and J as they both have similar colors as well. The blue and green can point to mixing and collecting of the conformities.

4. After looking at the diagram, i see that the wall was built on the stratum of P. At the ground level it was built at P. It may also have been a little in the O stratum.

5. The strata on the right is older that the strata on the left as the right seems to have a lot more similarities with P. P is where the wall was built and the left side wouldn’t be as similar. Yet as you look at H and H’ they seem to be the same age as they are almost similar in vertically position. You can look at others and say just about the same thing as J and J’ are slightly similar, yet looking at my first point i would say the right is older than the left.

6. The construction of the wall is close to P with O-G on the left and I’ on the right. I’ seems to block off the H, J, K which is more right of the I’.

7. The archeologists could have encountered the stratum B and later would have found stratum P. So first it seems to be B and C followed by P and Q. The Stratum at the bottom are older than those of the top.

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  1. I really impressed with your evidence you stated in number two . I like your attention to detail where you describe the archaeological similarities between the stratum, and also mentioned the background of law of superposition. I have the exact same opinion with you for number five that some strata has the same characteristics, yet some of them is older. I think this is due to any of the four events (mixing, filling, collection or unconformities), so it might not reflect the real archaeological sequence of locality anymore.

    In your opinion for number 4, I am also curious why do you think that stratum O might have been involved in the construction of the wall. For me, stratum O might be one of the foundation just because they are at the same line with respect to the ground level. But, I am interested what you thought about this.

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