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The article I would like to talk about for this week is called ‘Mexico finds water tunnels under Pakal tomb in Palenque’ from Archaeology News Network, published on July 25, 2016.

This article talked about the Mayan ruin site of Palenque. An interesting thing mentioned in this article is that, there was some erroneously interpretations about the heavily carves stone sarcophagus. Some people associated those carvings with spaceships or cosmos. It is fine for public to image the meaning of artifacts with their interests, but for archaeologists, they would like to understand these carvings based on the culture for people in the past. And for this case, it would be religion and belief of Mayans, and those cravings were predicted to be the Maya’s ‘World Tree’ or ‘Tree of Life,’ whose roots were believed to reach into the underworld.

Besides the understanding of artifacts, the underground water tunnel built under the Temple of Inscriptions shows us a wonderful workmanship and design for ancient Mayans. There are designs to prevent the settle or collapse of the pyramid which might be caused by a hole or geological fault.

From these artifacts and buildings, we can not only see the architecture technical at that time, but also understand how ancient Mayans observe the world form their religions and believes showing on their cravings.

URL: https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2016/07/mexico-finds-water-tunnels-under-pakal.html

2 thoughts on “W4 Archaeology in the News Post

  1. I checked out the pictures in the article just to see what the carvings look like. It is interesting the difference between public perception and an archaeologists perception. I didn’t really see signs of the cosmos or a spaceship, but I can see how someone from the public could make themselves see that. Especially with the popularity of Ancient Alien shows and theories. I think you’re right though, and it’s much more important to think about what these carvings may mean in the context of the culture itself. It’s too easy to put our own current thoughts and opinions into the meaning of what we find from the past.

  2. This article is so interesting. The carvings on stones of the tomb surely means something. If only we were capable of deciphering them. There are so many other fascinating facts about pyramid which defy science. People make all sorts of crazy theories about it but we don’t have any solid proof of how they were build or what purpose they served. Maybe what Gonzales said is true and it had nothing to do with spaceships or maybe not. Any case, I am very skeptical about it. Maybe these tombs have something to do with afterlife as it is believed in their religion. We will never know for sure.

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