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The article I looked detailed the start of the excavation of the 2,300-year-old Kurul Castle in the Black Sea. The head archeologist is named Professor Süleyman Şenyurt. He mentioned that they had tried to start excavations several years ago but had to stop. He said that the excavation would probably take at least 10 years and a lot of funding is needed. So far they have found many artifacts including an entrance door, ceramics, busts of gods and other religious and cultural rituals. They have also found tools such as nails, metal weapons, blades, daggers and cutters. The professor wants to make it a tourist attraction because it is the first archaeological excavation site in this region of the Black Sea.

This article was really interesting to me because it related back to the Colorado River video we watched, and how the archeologists on that site made the site public so that people could learn more about the history of it. I think it is really important that the archeologists open up this Black Sea site because there are not a lot of sites like it and people should definitely be able to see how this incredibly old castle used to look and learn about the culture. In addition, I think that opening up the site to the public would bring funding to the project and keep it going.

“Archaeologists resume excavation on Turkey’s Black Sea coast” July 28, 2016


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  1. The archaeological project that is described in this article seems really interesting. Even though I have already read that archaeological projects can take several years, the fact of the professor Şenyurt estimates the project to take at least 10 years still surprises me. Another aspect that retained my attention is the funding part. I never stopped to think how thy decide which archaeological project they should fund. Do they decide whether it can be more profitable for them or they look more to the gains of understanding the past? In fact, making it a tourist attraction can help them fund the project and make it more accessible to the people like in the Colorado River project as you stated.

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