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I found an extremely intriguing article on NBCNews.com about how archaeologists are currently excavating on Malcolm X’s former home.  Malcolm X’s nephew, Rodnell Collins, wanted to fix the house up for tours open to the public, however, the foundation needed to be fixed.  This required a lot of digging, which also provided the perfect opportunity for Joseph Bagley and his team to excavate.  Although there is countless history about Malcolm X found in history and activist books, Bagley and his team are uncovering things about Malcolm X never found before.  They are finding out things about his childhood and family life that no one has published in any books.  They even talk about how they are using technology, and how the “geophysics allows the archaeologists to dig less and learn more.”


I just think that the whole idea of excavating Malcolm X’s old house is mind blowing.  Even though he lived there not too long ago, just the possibility of finding a crucial detail about Malcolm’s life from the excavation is amazing to me.  On top of that, they’re even inviting the public to help out with the excavation as well.  This excavation not only allows the house to be renovated for historical tours, but allows the possibility of groundbreaking information about Malcolm X’s life to be discovered as well.


The title of the article is, “Boston Archaeologists Begin Digging Into Malcolm X’s Past,” and was posted on March 29, 2016.  If you’re interested, here’s the link.   http://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/boston-archaeologists-begin-digging-malcolm-x-s-past-n547451

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  1. I find this amazing! The idea of modern day archaeology going on is a wonderful thing. I like how the workers are able to talk directly to the family members and ask exactly what is what. Conversely, they family members also have the advantage to see what they never knew existed. What a lucky thing they wanted to shore up the foundation in order to open the house up to the public.
    Recently, the mansion that Barry Gordy Jr. lived in went up for sale in Detroit. The mansion has a rich history dating back to 1917. This excavating at Malcom X’s house makes me wonder what could be found at the Barry Gordy mansion. How interesting, thank you for sharing!

  2. I found it really fascinating that archaeologists are excavating Malcolm X house. You here a lot of things about archaeologist come upon things from the past or search for things from the past. So it’s nice to know that they can find information from people we hear about and learn about often. Then learning about something as the archaeologist find. Therefore we can have more questions and answers about Malcolm X and learn about him on a more personal level. It’s also nice that the archaeologists are letting people come and dig too so they can have a more hands-on experience. We can actually have more accurate answers to questions then assuming based on artifacts. An archaeologist will be able to ask his family and compare it to information that already exist.

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