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Archaeologists unearth new evidence of Roman, medieval Leicester.

Date: December 10, 2015

Source: University of Leicester

After demolishing a Bus Depot, archaeologists uncovered a series of medieval and post-medieval backyards dating back to the 12th century. These backyards are associated with the densely packed houses and shops which would have been on the medieval street of Southgates. The evidence archaeologists have uncovered include stone-lined pits, latrines, wells, boundary wells, and possibly a cellar. From discovering these formations, archaeologists can begin to construct the lives of the people who walked those streets on a daily basis. These discoveries are close to where the remains of Kings Richard III were discovered showing this area was greatly used by those of the past. After the area was fully excavated, the information was able to reveal how Leicester looked during its Roman times. Timber buildings, boundary walls, and cambered gravel surfaces were uncovered along the main streets. Smaller artifacts such as coins and pottery were found within the excavation site as well. This excavation relates to what has been learned in class by the process of how buildings and artifacts were uncovered, what was taught about different households and the daily activities that were done by those living there.

3 thoughts on “W4 Archaeology in the News Psot

  1. Cool find! It still is fascinating as to how, when, and where discoveries can be made. This fact is what can make archaeology so exciting. You never know what hidden places are lurking below the surface, waiting to be found. There is something inherently cool about this though. At least for me. I think it’s also interesting that this find expanded what we know about the area from Richard III’s time. By finding so many artifacts and structures, it really gives the archaeologists a whole new level of data that they can use to reconstruct the past and help explain what was happening in the area all the better.

  2. It is so interesting that from a rubble of a Bus Depot, they found a series of medieval and post-medieval backyards dating back to the 12th century. Who knows how many more such places exist and which could give us so much detail about our past. It intrigues me that how could so much information be gathered from such small artifacts. I am also interested to know more about how Kings Richard III is related to this. What relation did he have with this geographical area? Why was his remains found so close to the area? Surely with all this data archaeologists will have a better knowledge of our past.

  3. Wow! I can’t believe they were able to discover all that just from simply destroying a bus depot! Just goes to show that you can find amazing things and sites like this pretty much anywhere right? The medieval findings are really cool in my opinion. Since you mentioned that the findings were near the same area as his remains, I wonder if King Richard III had used any of the cellars and what not. I also really love how they stated small at the site of the bus depot, and then decided to expand run a full excavation that allowed them to figure out what Leicester looked like in the Roman times.

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