W5 Reflection Post

Q1) Which discovery do you think is #1- the best?

Tomb of a Highborn Celt

Q2) Describe the cultural material and its context.

The tomb contained the remains of one male as well as numerous other items. Some of the items include a chariot, gold jewelry,  a bronze cauldron, and several pots of Mediterranean and Greek origin. The tomb dates to the fifth century B.C.E.

Q3) What interpretation is made?

The archaeologists that discovered the tomb believed it to be the final resting place of a Celtic prince but the clothing found nearby seemed to indicate that the remains were female. After scientific testing the remains were found to be male.

I picked this find as the best because of the historical implications it has. Based on the artifacts found within the tomb, the fifth century B.C.E. Celts were well connected to trading networks. The tomb is located in north-west France about 180km south-east of Paris and 680km north of Marseille, which in the fifth century B.C.E. was a Greek colony. Based on the discovery, the Celts of northern France were aware of the Greeks to their south and had the wealth to conduct trade over long distances. The tomb also had many objects associated with wine, the bronze cauldron and at least one highly decorated wine pitcher. This would suggest that wine was an important part of Celtic life and the objects associated with wine were very valuable.

I also found the article about the pretzel pretty interesting. The one archaeologist said that it was very uncommon to find baked goods, especially in the toilet. I thought it was funny that the baker, or someone else, burned them so badly that they threw them in the toilet. It was also interesting to read the article about Teotihuacan, considering we just studied the homes there. The archaeologists found traces of liquid mercury in the chambers under the Feathered Serpent temple and the lead archaeologist thought it might have been used to depict rivers and lakes on a map. It reminded me of the tomb of the first Chinese emperor which is believed to have rivers and lakes of mercury in the main chamber.

I was a little surprised that half f the discoveries on the list dealt with human, or human relative, burials. It was surprising to read all the things archaeologists have been able to learn about the lives of past people based on their burials.

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  1. Scott, it is interesting that you chose the Tomb of a Highborn Celt as the most important, but I see your reasons for picking this article. I did not really consider the deep historical implications that you pointed out, but I see that this could be important to learning about the cultural importance of items in that time. I likewise found the pretzel article to be entertaining, and unique since it is very rare that baked goods are found preserved. I also agree that it was interesting on the focus of human remains in the top ten, although it makes sense because that is a topic of much interest to many people at this time.

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