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The top discovery of the year 2015, in my opinion, would be the findings of the Jamestown leadership men. To find four fully intact skeletons next to each other and of their high rankings during the 1600s is a fascinating find. What is interesting is they had to come back to these remains after they were already excavated, probably due to other findings in the area that had a higher priority than these remains. What I find intriguing is how those who were a part of this find were able to positively ID these skeletons to the men that are presented in this article. How were they able to compare DNA when there most likely was not any DNA taken from the men while during their lifetimes? I would like this information to be briefly mentioned in the article before the descriptions of each man. The symbolism of each burial depending on the direction they were buried, what they were buried with, or what they were buried in helped greatly with determining the roles of these men. The chaplain was buried wrapped in a shroud to show his piety and was found facing the congregation. The soldier was buried in a coffin with a silk military sash. The high content of lead that was found within his body showed a high-status since lead was mainly used for drinking vessels of those in a higher class. The nobleman was in an elaborate human-shaped coffin showing he was a higher status than the others. And lastly, the explorer brought up new questions regarding the Catholic reliquary found with him even though he was part of a protestant colony. This is the number one find for me because four different status men were all found under a church from one of the first colonies of America. These men all had an impact on those who were living within the colony and those around the colony and having their remains buried under a church shows that their actions were highly looked upon by those around them where the colonists deemed them worthy of this burial site. The ten finds from 2015 were all greatly diverse in their titles where I was wanting to click to read more about what was found across the world. What surprised me the most is archaeologists were able to uncover a pretzel out of Germany. Like it was mentioned in that article, usually baked goods will decompose or be eaten before they could have a chance of being carbonized.

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  1. it was interesting to read about the Jamestown VIP discovery; the fact that there were fully intact skeletons that existed so long ago alone was a great discovery. Because of this, identifying these individuals to a highly accurate degree was incredible and ultimately shows how our own technology is growing to points where we can compare their DNA with limited processes. Also, this sort of discovery shows that it is important to go out and look for anything because there might be fully intact skeletons with great backgrounds such as these waiting to be discovered. Overall, it was an interesting read and had great insight into what we can do with the technology we have.

  2. I agree with you on the fact that they should have mentioned how they were able to determine specifically who these men were. Maybe their deaths and subsequent burials had been documented in some form and was also found?

    Another thing that sort of irritated me about this article was the fact that they mentioned that at least one of them was buried in an “ornate coffin,” and then proceeded to say that only the nails remained. Yes, maybe the nails signify a coffin, but do they signify that it was ornate in any way? To me, it seems it could have just as easily been a rectangle pine box!

  3. I also think that the Jamestown discovery was remarkable, and very interesting. When I read that article, I couldn’t help but be amazed by how frequently archaeologists have excavated the Jamestown site over the years, and are still finding new discoveries today! The whole DNA matching is amazing too… The way that archaeologists and scientists team up and combine their studies and works to create new discoveries is astounding. I would like to know more details about their findings of the DNA in the article as well. The information about these high status men tells us a lot about the culture of the people of Jamestown in that time era as well, since they were highly admired by the common people!

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