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In reading the about the Top 10 Discoveries of 2015 article, it was nearly impossible to pick which one I believed to be the absolute number one. It was a very close tie between the “Tracing Slave Origins” and the “New Human Relative.” However, after analyzing my own interest in the two, I realized that my interest in genetics played a huge part in placing the “Tracing Slave Origins” article in the top two and that the “New Human Relative” article most likely was the most profound discovery over all.

I believe this one was most profound in the fact that not only was there a new species discovered, which is always exciting, but it was a new ancestor to the humans of today’s world. How fascinating is it that in 2015, when it’s hard to imagine how much more brand new technology we could come up with, we are just now finding an entirely new ancestor to us!? It especially amazed me that it wasn’t just one, but many specimens for us to study.

This article did not cover much cultural material or mention if there were cultural artifacts discovered, except that the remains were found in Johannesburg, which meant that they were most likely what we would consider Africans. The article also pointed out that although they estimate that they were from around 2.5 million years ago, they have not yet dated the remains. ┬áThis article also did not cover much of a context, other than that the remains were found in a cave system, so its not clear if this is where they lived, or were hiding there, or buried there. Although, I’d be fascinated to find out!

In regards to all of the Top 10 Discoveries of 2015, I found it truly amazing that they were so diverse in the locations, the types of discoveries, and cultures they represented. It’s so crazy that we are still finding so many different things today, and it also makes me almost sad to think about all the discoveries we aren’t making and probably never will. We obviously cannot dig up the entirety of the Earth, so I guess some things are just never meant to be found…

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  1. I, too, picked the “New Human Relative” as my number one choice. I find the discoveries of the earliest humans or humanlike species to be very fascinating. The article mentions the previous discovery of Lucy. Lucy has always been intriguing to me. I even got to see her skeleton at an exhibit at The University of Arizona in Tucson a few years back. To be so close to such an ancient skeleton was really an amazing thing.
    I also agree that I found all of the discoveries to be so diverse. It had everything from pretzels to liquid mercury to a bobcat kitten and a chariot found in an old Celtic burial.

  2. I also chose “A New Human Relative” as my number one discovery from this article. I completely agree that it’s crazy to think that, in a world with all this technology, we are still discovering things from the past that are part of the reason that we’re even here today! I also find it wildly satisfying that scientists were finally able to put that piece of the puzzle between apelike humans and early humans. I was also curious about the fact that all these hominids were found within the cave system; I was asking the same questions about whether they lived there, were hiding there, were buried there, or possibly trapped there to die. You made a great point when you said that the fact of these discoveries means that there are still so many other things that we may never find, but I guess the Earth will forever be a mystery.

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