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Out of all the discoveries that were listed, i really loved the “Tracing Slave Origins” piece. Coming from a Human biology major, I thought it was rather interesting that they could go back and look at human remains and trace the origin of these humans. I saw that the researchers found anew way to help find the origin of these three slaves. There was one woman and two men and they were in Cameroon, unlike most of the regions where it is Nigeria and Ghana (these are all bantu speaking regions by the way). This was actually extremely important as it gave information to the study of slavery and African genealogy. This discovery explains the valuable information that DNA has and this could be used by scientists in genealogy and many other aspects as well. In this case, it was used to look for the origins of the slaves.

This was extremely important as i said before as it contributes to human genealogy. And it also explains that they used a new technique to find the origins, which explains that it was a new discovery as well. It was a huge contribution to history and archaeology as well as science.   It is definitely the number one discovery as it is a huge addition to science in my personal opinion. I am a human biology major as it is so i may be biased. What surprised me was that all these articles were different. Some where about animals or humans or food or an artifact of a building. It illustrated that there is so much to find in archaeology and it is a rather large category. As a human biology major, I also looked at “A new Human Relative”.

They look at the species called Homo Naledi. These were the earliest members of the genus Homo and they existed almost 2.5 million years ago. I saw this as rather interesting as it related to human evolution and Darwin’s theory. The archaeologists talk about how they were stunned as they entered and saw bones everywhere. They found around 1500 specimen and studied these bones in order to find this information out. It is a pretty big discovery because researchers have been looking for the transitional species that come between apes and humans. This is the perfect discovery as it backs this and illustrates that there is so much more to find and discover through archaeology.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about the “Tracing Slave Origins” discovery as well. As you mentioned, DNA was really important in this discovery to help the researchers find the ethnicities of the African slaves buried together. It is really incredible that these researchers were able to find the origins of these people after hundreds of years and so much wearing down of the genetic material. It was also really cool how they used the evidence of the filing down of the teeth to corroborate and match the other evidence they found. I was as surprised as you at how different each discovery was and the range of topics these discoveries covered!

  2. Like you, I was also very amazed by the “Tracing Slave Origins” article. It’s so cool that we can get so much out of something which existed so long ago. The amount information is overwhelming. Using just the DNA, they were able to trace the origins of the humans, tell their gender and their ages. I get why you chose this article, being a biology major. I just wonder what tools and techniques the researchers must have used. “A New Human Relative” also intrigued me. I was amazed by the fact, that they discovered a whole new human species. I am not a biology major, but still I would love to know more about the technology behind this.

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