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1.) In my opinion, the best discovery made in 2015 was the discovery of the bronze age bride. This find was the top find for me because of the great detail that archaeologists were able to infer from the various artifacts that were discovered.

2.) There was a plethora of cultural material found at this site. This site was the gravesite of a young woman that died around 1370 B.C. At this site, archaeologists found the woman’s corpse (of which her clothing, hair, tooth enamel, fingernails, and parts of her brain were preserved), and the cremated remains of a young child.

3.) As mentioned above, the materials that were found at this site provided archaeologists with enough evidence to tell a detailed story about this site and its inhabitants. When archaeologists originally discovered the site they believed that she was a local to the Jutland Peninsula, where she was found. Further research, however, has lead archaeologists to believe that she was not actually from the Jutland Peninsula, but from the Black Forest region. Researchers have determined that the young woman was sent from her home to Jutland to marry a chieftain. However, this was not all that archaeologists were able to determine. The remains of the child found with the remains of the woman have helped archaeologists to explain the moving patterns of the young woman (she moved back and forth between Jutland and the Black Forest a number of times). In these ancient marriages, the two families often exchanged foster brothers to secure the alliance. After marrying the chieftain, it is believed that the young woman went back to the Black Forest accompanied by a boy from Jutland. This boy would have been raised by the woman’s people. Next, the woman would travel back to Jutland with a boy from her home. The discovery of the child’s remains lead archaeologists to believe that he died on the way back to Jutland.

The best part about this find is the detailed picture that archaeologists were able to paint from the evidence. In my opinion, it is amazing that scientists were able to use the woman’s fingernails and hair to determine where she lived for periods in her life. The fact that we can take something that is seemingly so minuscule and make such thorough observations is amazing. It will be exciting to see how much more we can determine from artifacts as technology continues to improve.

The most surprising thing about the top ten discoveries was the variety of artifacts that were found at the sites. When imagining archaeological finds, many people imagine only human remains and remains of ancient structures. However, the top ten finds included human remains, animal remains, tombs, art, tools, and even pretzels.

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  1. The Bronze Age bride discovery was really interesting. I thought it was cool that researchers were able to determine the fact that she wasn’t originally from Jutland and that she traveled back and forth from there to her home in the Black Forest. I thought it was interesting that some of her brain was still preserved, like you mentioned. I agree that it will be interesting to see what other information we could learn as technology advances. It is really cool to think that all the information archaeologists have gathered came from things like hair and fingernails and some clothing.

  2. I also found the Bronze Age Bride discovery fascinating. You hardly hear about archaeologists discovering a body this well preserved and have that many artifacts. I also found it very intriguing that the archaeologists was able to determine where she was actually from and her travels. If almost every body was preserved like hers we would have so many questions answer on people’s origins. We always assume since that person is buried here then they are from here which is not always the case and this bride was the main example. Sooner or later we will be able to tell where that person is from and where they travel hopefully without DNA since in most cases there’s not.

  3. I think the most surprising aspect of this discovery is that they were able to identify that the woman was not from Jutland. It has been many years since these societies were alive and it is amazing that these scientists have been able to determine where she was originally from merely from the remains. I also find it fascinating that they have been able to find so many artifacts. But as I explained in my reflection, it only makes me more curious as to the number of artifacts that are yet to be discovered. And although we can hypothesize as to what has happened in the past, I often wonder if our hypotheses and theories are correct.

  4. I too was very fascinated with the Bronze Age Bride discovery. It was one of those fascinating ones that made me scratch my head a little, but also made me read with wonder. How is it that things that were buried so long ago still so well preserved today? It is truly mind blowing. It made me think of last weeks material where those natural disasters actually aided in preserving things and I wonder f that may have been the case here. This response is pretty detailed and it laid out everything that it needed to. I like your analysis of the work done and why you felt this discovery was number one. There is no arguing that every discovery made a claim to be the best one and we all may differ in opinion but I like this choice, and I think you summed it up really well. Very well done.

  5. I thought the Bronze Age bride was an extremely interesting find as well. It blew my mind that there her fingernails and some of her hair was still intact, especially because she was dated to live back in 1370 B.C. But like you said, the best part was that they were able to tell where she was from and how she had traveled just from those tiny remains! I thought that the whole arranged marriage process and the traveling and exchanging that is included was pretty interesting as well. This post was really cool because based off the nails and hair they were able to correct their hypothesis and find out much more about this girl.

  6. I really thought the Bronze age bride was a fantastic discovery. The fact that were still some remains all this time after so many years. It illustrated the importance of archaeology and it was a pretty cool way to look at the possibilities of tracking back humans. I also really believe that the Tracing new slave origins article was the best discovery as it illustrates the ability to trace even race and frame to old human remains. These articles seem to have a lot in common as they illustrate the ability to trace back humans for many many years. Its rather interesting that this can be done and even further studied.

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