Wk 5 Reflection Post Kasandra Purkey

The discovery that I think was the most important is the Bronze Age Bride. The site is the burial of a woman and a young boy that was discovered in 1921 but is still studied today. The discovery has changed recently because of isotope analyse of strontium which relieved that the woman was not from the region she was found, the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark, but rather was from southern Germany five hundred miles away. This new discovery has lead to the understanding that she was sent here to marry a chieftain. But when her fingernails were analyzed they showed she has been between her homeland and where she was buried many times. The child she was buried with explains these many moves. It is believed that apart of the marriage traditions of the bronze age would include foster brothers. This meaning that a young boy from the grooms village would travel with the bride back to her home and then she would take a young boy to be raised in the grooms village.

I picked this article because in my other anthropology class we have been focusing on marriage and relations so it was coincidental that a discovery concerning this would be on a top ten list from last year. Many of the articles were really simple in comparison to this one as well and they did not really put forth an new cultural information necessarily. I think they are all noteworthy but for me this was the best one. Many of the articles also were about early man like the article “The First Artists”, another cave full of paintings was found, no shock value to someone who is not a professional in the field. The article “The New Human Relative” was the same way the never ending struggle to find the missing link and while it was informative it did not grab my attention as strongly. Some of them were interesting like the article about the bobcat and the pretzel but these are things we can compare to other regions that do the same, not new necessarily. The Jamestown article was almost just a census of a newly found cemetery but it almost seems to early to tell if it is not worthy or not. The article I chose offered a strange marriage tradition from the past that I had not hear of in a region that I would not have deemed important, not a recycled thought.

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  1. Although I also picked the ‘Bronze Age Bride’ as the best in my mind, I did not think that much about their strange marriage tradition initially. I was simply surprised by process of this new discover at that time. But I do agree that the content of the discover is quite important. The tradition mentioned in the cultural context is actually too strange to be believed at first; but as it existed at some time point in the past, it must have a reasonable origin. By understand all of these facts discovered, archaeologists and other people could be said as actually understand the past. And I think that is one of the most significant meanings of archaeology.

  2. The part that I found the most interesting about the marriage tradition from so long ago was the fact that it is five hundred miles away. That seems like quite a journey. Maybe it was since I think they hinted at her dying on the way. It seems a little unnecessary. I was very surprised to hear you did not enjoy the ‘The New Human’ article as much. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but I did pick it as my most interesting article. I would like to know more about the human evolutionary chain. I also thought the pet bobcat was interesting.

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