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The article “Restored Pompeii Kitchens Show How Romans Cooked” from the Archaeology News Network focuses on the famous Roman city that we have studied previously in our course; therefore, it is easy to relate to.  The images shown in the article are very similar to that seen in the video earlier in the course, and focuses on the kitchen that has been excavated in the Fullonica di Stephanus; a three story launderette where the wealthy Romans sent their clothes to be washed.  Archaeologists were able to determine the method that the clothes were washed by the features in the rooms, and small remains still in the baths, and elsewhere in the rooms.  This project used artifacts and refurbishments to physically recreate what they believe that the kitchens inside the Fullonica looked like over 2,000 years ago.  This helps us to place ourselves in that time period to better understand practices of that time, specifically in their cooking methods.  The equipment used in the replication was first excavated in 1912 and has been preserved since, which shows the importance of minimal destruction when excavating sites- the artifacts can be used much later on to gather unforeseen information.  The project also lends well toward public awareness since the site can be visited by the public and, as seen in previous study, this helps to create an accurate appreciation for archaeological work.

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  1. Jason, I really enjoyed reading about your article. Something I’ve grown to appreciate from this class is the day-to-day activity of the average person within a society. I always thought that the most important discoveries were the big digs that discovered wealth and riches, but from discoveries this, you learn nothing about the people that were a part of the culture. This discovery and later analysis allowed for present day people to study how people lived over 2000 years ago. The fact that they have discovered the way in which ancient peoples washed clothes or cooked their meals still fascinates me.

  2. I really appreciate your article about Pompeii. Pompeii plays a large role in why I am interested in archaeology. It’s such an important site that truly gives a snapshot of that moment in time. People were going about their daily lives and then in an instant, it was all over. I agree with Sophia, I am very interested in knowing what everyday life was like. The launderette is fascinating to me, especially given the wealthy sent their clothes out to be laundered. It’s not something people think about too much. I find it fascinating to think, in some ways, not much has changed. The replication of the kitchenette is really cool as well. To have such a tangible way to view what it was like 2,000 years ago, is helpful educationally.

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