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For this week’s Archaeology in the News article I chose, “12,000 Year Old Campsite Unearthed in Canada’s New Brunswick Province”.  Canadian archaeologists have excavated a site in New Brunswick that is just a few meters from a new highway.  There they uncovered over 600 artifacts, including a firepit containing ancient charcoal.  The site is believed to be around 12,000 years old.  The find of the intact campfire is a rare occurrence.  Many of the other artifacts that were found were stone tools and artifacts from stone tool making.  The site is currently situated along Route 8.  It is believed that the site was actually situated along the shore of an ancient glacial lake.

A few of the workers on the site are Maliseet Indians.  The site is believed to be of their ancestors.  They were very thrilled to have the personal connection to the site.  Both shared a similar sentiment about being there and holding artifacts that their ancestors held 12,000 to 13,000 years ago.

The Canadians believe this to be an important site and vow to keep it protected.  It is believed the site is within 500 years of the oldest evidence of people in the area.

When reading this article, I think back to last week when we were looking at stone tool making and the experiment done that showed the dispersal patters of the making of the stone tools.  I would think this site would be a good example of similar patterns.  It’s also amazing to realize where a highway now sits, was an ancient glacial lake.  Our world is not stagnant; we need to always remember that.

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  1. First of all, that seems like a very interesting article! It is amazing how archaeologists are still discovering so many artifacts in places that were once inhabited by Native Americans. I wonder if archaeologists ask other individuals whose ancestors are Indians about how they live their daily lives. I feel that would be very beneficial, and informative; especially if these individuals still have some of the same customs as their ancestors did. I am clad that the Canadians are taking steps to keep this site protected. I feel like every piece of evidence archaeologists uncover just makes us realize how little we truly know. Thanks for the great post!

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