Archaeology in the News Week 6 Kasandra Purkey

The article that I chose this week is entitled “Ancient Clay Figurine Repatriated to Cyprus from UK”. It is a very short article but one that is important to me and what I want to do in the future. It is about a little clay warrior and a little clay horse that was previously stolen from a private collection from Ammochostos in the 70’s that had resurfaced in an antiquities dealer’s shop. After the discovery it eventually made it the Department of Antiquities and will be repatriated to Cyprus where it was made during the Cypro-Archaic period in 700 BC.

We have talked a lot about how to carefully remove objects from the ground so they can be preserved but we have not talked about the life of artifacts after. Many things can happen to an artifact whether by its discovery by a robber or an archaeologist. While this artifact does not have a huge purpose or importance does not mean it can just be lost. It is our duty to care for artifacts whether they be in storage or in a museum and that may require that the item be returned to the region of its discovery and creation. Otherwise we should not dig them up if we can not care for them.

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  1. You made really good points in your blog post. I never really thought about what the after fact of excavating sites. All we hear and learn about is the research, excavating, examining and theories, conclusions etc. Sometimes we might learn that the artifacts discovered is put somewhere safe or in a Museum or something. If they don’t tell us that information we just assume that’s what happen. Therefore I really like your article and hopefully we can think before we dig because at some point of time these artifacts were important someone else and for us to lose them or misplace them is not right. I wonder what they do with the body’s they discovered. Do they reburied them?

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