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In an archaeology magazine I came across, “Human Remains Unearthed at Temple of Zeus at Mount Lykaion”. This article was based in Athens, Greece. Archaeologists discovered a teenager skeleton that is about 3,000 years old. It was discovered at a remote sanctuary of Zeus on the summit of Mount Lykaion. What was interesting about this discovery was that thousands of animals were sacrificed at the site. Archaeologists found the body with ashes of animals. Archaeologists estimated that it started around the sixteenth century B.C. Archaeologists also noticed that the body was laid between two lines of stones and an East/West axis. What was also unique that stone slabs was covered the teenagers pelvis and the upper part of his skull was missing. Alongside the animal ashes were pottery that was also placed with the bones. Archeologists dated the pottery to eleventh century B.C. When archeologist did research their were several ancient literally sources that believed that human sacrificed took place at the altar. After the archaeological discovery archaeologists did not find no signs of human bones. However, only 7% of the altar been excavated so their might be a slight chance. I know archaeologists was able to use absolute dating by using the calendrical aging. They were able to determine how old and who was buried but the cultural remains. They were able to determine rituals and see where the were common at.

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  1. This looks like a really cool article! I think that it is really interesting how archeologists are able to find skeletons and not only identify where they were from but also what age they were at when the people died. It is also cool that these archeologists found the body with sacrificial animals, it makes me wonder for what reasons these sacrifices were being made and why. It is lucky that archeologists today are able to use up to date technology and science to make discoveries and estimates that would have been impossible to make years ago. Really interesting post!

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