W6 Archaeology in the News Post

The article I looked at described archeology students in Canada digging at a site near the St. Lawrence river. The article details how the place where these students are digging used to be a popular trading and traveling site for many indigenous native peoples of Canada. The site is at the bottom of a rapids where it was easy for people to sail in and out of. The archeology students have found ceramic, porcelain and arrow heads as well as glass bead. These artifacts date as far back as the 1700s.

Something I found interesting was a comment an archeology PhD student at the University of Montreal made. He mentioned that archeology is exciting because sometimes they do not find much, but suddenly “the smallest rock can change your outlook”. This was interesting because we have seen the same kind of thing reading and watching the videos as well as doing the activities. A lot of things can be the same, but one artifact, one discovery or even one specific detail can completely change the way you look at a site or place.

This dig was also interesting because it is also open to the public where people can actually come help the archeology students dust off artifacts. This is a really cool, hands on idea to help the public become more interested in archeology and the history of the sites.

“Verdun Archeological Dig turns up 1,000 year old artifacts” Jul 19, 2016


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