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After reading over the information given and closely examining the illustrations and descriptions of each vessel I came up with the sequence of the vessels in chronological order: Vessels A, C,G,B, F, I, K, J, D, E, H, and vessel L. I came up with this conclusion by using the superposition, stratigraphic, and seriation techniques. Seriation technique was put in place when vessels was found in similar regions. Law of superposition was used when we learned that vessel B was older than L. What also played a role was the spout, body shape and decorations of the vessels.

1. After putting the sequence together I believe Vessel A is out of place. The decoration of vessel A was unique when compared to other vessels. It had extensive applique and punctuate decoration all over the surface. While other vessels didn’t have no decoration on the stirrup or spout. The stirrup is much larger than the others and the body was much taller and skinner when observing the other vessels.

2. I believe the vessel was either traded between communities, influenced by other cultures near by or just a culture change. I believe it was traded because it has a lot of differences than similarities with the other vessels that were found. So maybe this vessel was traded in with this community from a community with different techniques in creating vessels. It could have also been influenced by other cultures because someone could of seen how someone made their vessels and see the advantages of creating a vessel that way instead of their cultures way. And it could of just been a culture change. After generations gone by they have different mindsets and creative ability than past generations. Therefore, they come up with different techniques.
3. I believe Vessel A belong between C and G. Vessel A shares flanged rim and massive stirrups with C and G. And Vessel A is tall like C and G with similar decoration.
4. The seriational ordering I established is similar to the cultural sequence from the stratigraphic excavation in Problem 1 because of relative dating. We do not know when changes occur and we cannot give a specific date. In both problems we had to established what was older and what was newer. Which was based off the descriptions given and its surroundings. For both problems there were artifacts that didn’t seem like they should have been in the sequence and we had to figure out the reasoning behind that conclusion.

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  1. Looking at each vessel and trying to figure out the right order for it was a bit difficult because of the obvious similarities of some of them and trying to figure out which one could be older. It was easy to figure out which one is the oldest because of the law of superposition, I also agree with what you found to be the youngest which could potentially be L. it was definitely a toss-up between this one and H because of the similarities each one had and how it proves that there are multiple possibilities to find out if each is the correct sequence for the vessels.

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