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From the information given to me by “The Data and the Problem”, I knew that all of the vessels were excavated in the same cemetery. Also, along with the law of superposition, which states that the materials that are deposited first are older than the materials deposited later, I was able to know that Figure Vessel B was older than Vessel L. The seriation that I came up with is:

Vessel A, Vessel C, Vessel G, Vessel B, Vessel J, Vessel I, Vessel D, Vessel K, Vessel F, Vessel E, Vessel L, then Vessel H.


  1. I did think that there were a couple vessels that did not fit the sequence. Those two are Vessel H and Vessel H. These two vessels both had a very different bottom, and I was unable to properly fit in their features with the others.
  2. In order to account for that, I put those two at the end. Vessel E had a bottom that seemed like it could evolve into the bottom of L and H, so I decided to put Vessel E before Vessels L and H. Vessels D, K, and F all had rounded bottoms unlike the others so I put them before Vessel E. I was under the assumption that some features of the vessels would disappear or change for some time and then eventually come back. This could either be the cause of change in style, or for functionality reasons.
  3. The vessels did have a lot of features that were relative to when it was made compared to other vessels. Since we knew that Vessel B is older than Vessel L, I used the features in Vessel B to compare them to the features of other vessels. Vessel B had a flat bottom, and a punctuated body; however, not all of B was punctuated. I assumed that a more punctuated body would be older as paint may have been newer. I grouped up the vessels by design. Then I looked at their rims, spouts, stirrups, along with the shape of their body. I created a chart similar to the one in the reading, but not as great because I had many more vessels to work with than just 5.
  4. I feel that in both problems, we were able to use the different styles of these artifacts found in order to figure out which artifact may have come first and which may have come last. We are not looking for a specific date (or approximate date) of the artifact; rather, we are looking to just put them in chronological order.


Overall, I found this homework very, very difficult and time consuming. I also am not very confident with my answers; however, it was a great practice problem! I learned a lot.

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  1. I agree with some of the seriation of the vessels you did and understand why you set it up like that. Vessel A to me is a given as being the oldest because of the law of superposition, but I differ with the end result and that the youngest could be vessel L instead of H. it was difficult in determining what exactly is the correct order for the vessels from oldest to youngest and how each one showed little changes from the other and could be a toss-up at times. Overall, this was enjoyable to look at someone else’s understanding of the vessel’s and learn from their point of view.

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