Wk 6 Reflection Kasandra Purkey

The order that I picked for the bottles chronology is the oldest isand the youngest is H. The full order being: A, C, B, F, E, D, J, G, I, K, L, H. I came to this conclusion by the main features of the bottles and the varieties of them. So there were three types of stirrups, three types of rim, two types of bottom, two styles of paint, and three types of spouts. I graphed them out similar to the example from the reading and compared the points to arrive at this chronology.

Question 1: There is one vessel that does not seem to fit the sequence and that is Bottle H.

Question 2: I put it as the youngest bottle because I think it shows the future direction of the pottery before the end of this culture. At first I tired to categorize the bottles in newest, mix, and oldest. The mix was meant to show where H was a blend between the new and the old but even then it did not fit.

Question 3: As I believe that H is the youngest bottle I believe it was a reflection on the oldest style of decorating, seen in bottle A, as they share exclusively amount decoration. The remaining bottles are either have decorated or are two thirds or one third the way decorated. This two bottles are almost completely decorated. There is one difference between them and that is bottle A uses only punctate decorating while bottle H is the only bottle to use both red paint patterns with punctate decoration.

Question 4: I think some would disagree with this thinking that H represents the missing link between punctate decorated pottery to red painted pottery. I think the paint style while important are varied chronologically, and that the size and shape of the pottery as well as its sections show the chronology. That may be completely wrong but it makes more sense to me that a society would have varying colors throughout time. The oldest pots would all be made in the same way because it was the only way at the time making them all look a like. As different methods were created to make different styled pots for different purposes. In the earliest sense color would be the only way to differentiate between two pots that many be holding to different items, or that served in a religious purpose. With different variations in style later color could be used as only a decoration, or in this case all serving the purpose of being buried with relatives.

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