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The article that I found interesting was about the discovery of four female skeletons in Ireland. They found that these skeletons were well preserved in a depth of .35m and found to be dated during 1250-1350 AD based on the pottery that was discovered within their graves. This kind of burial showed that they were probably not wealthy and instead poor because of the location was at the south-west corner of the main graveyard and also because they were not buried in coffins. The skeletons consisted of two adults in their 20s and two children who were determined to be around the age of eight or nine. The younger adult female showed damage to her spine probably because of heavy lifting and one leg was shorter than the other. This sort of discovery showed a clear distinction between the life of the wealthy and the life of the poor. This ties into our own class because of the way how technology in archaeology has advanced and the many discoveries we can make based on the skeletal remains we find from others. We could potentially even find DNA from these skeletons even if it has been degraded because of the long time preserved in the grave. It is just amazing and eye opening to how far we have come and the way how our lives right now are different and yet similar in very specific cases to these four girls.


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  1. It is definitely interesting and cool how much we can figure out just from how people are buried. The work of archaeologists and anthropologists before us really has paved the road for all sorts of really cool discoveries currently and in the future. The potential for DNA analysis is also exciting because that opens up even more avenues for discovery and can show as you put, “how our lives right now are different and yet similar.” I also read the article just cause it seemed interesting and I thought it was cool that they think that these skeletons belonged to members of one of the first generation of Anglo-Norman colonists in the area.

  2. It I find it interesting how much we can learn about the social standings of past peoples just by the way they were buried. I would have never guess that these girls were poor because of the injuries and handicaps. I find it also interesting that the graveyard seemed to be made of a richer class in the society for the time and that it played such a major role in burial rights. I wonder if these are the only bodies of this nature to be discovered of if these are just the latest one to be found. I think DNA analysis and thorough examination of the graveyard would tell us a lot more in this area.

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