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For my archaeology in the news post, I chose an article about the oldest stone tool ever found. The researchers uncovered ten thousand tools that were being used by hominids 250,000 years ago. A quote that I found particularly interesting was that: “The hominins in this region were clearly adaptable and capable of taking advantage of a wide range of available prey, from rhinoceros to ducks, in an extremely challenging environment.” I found it very interesting that the ancient human ancestors were hunting rhinoceros in an unfavorable environment so long ago. I found the oldest tools article from the greatest archaeological discoveries of 2015 interesting so this one caught my eye as they are even older. Archaeologist are continuing to add to the ancient prehistoric record. The further back this class has gone to look at ancient human behavior the more I am amazed at just how impressive of a species we used to be in the past. Humans have been far more sophisticated for far longer than I had ever realized until recently. What happened to all of these ancient hominid species? Did they all really interbreed with homo sapiens and eventually just get phased out? These are the kinds of questions that articles like these bring up to me.

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  1. Like you said, it is amazing to me that these hominids were able to survive in such a challenging environment. I mean, can you even imagine hunting rhinoceros? It is crazy to think about what would happen if humans of today were thrown into the environment that these ancient hominids had to survive in. As we have steadily become a more and more advanced civilization, we have inherently lost some of our survival skills that we no longer have to use. Our advancement as a civilization is definitely a good thing, but it is a little unsettling to think about what would happen if we were ever to take drastic steps backwards in terms of innovation. Who would thrive if the world went into apocalypse and we had to revert to some of our earlier survival skills?

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