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This week I looked at an article that explains that we may have found evidence that Greece did participate in human sacrifices back in the day. They found a human body laid parallel to some stone slabs and one was on the skeletons body. The body was found near Mount Lykaion and it was associated with human sacrifice by many writers for many years. I feel like this was an extremely important find as it explains what we have learned in archaeology. The article explains how we were uncertain about old culture and how we should go about learning about it. Archaeologists learn about the culture and finally, after many years of research, find a site that explains the culture that Greece may have had. The article goes on further to explain that the idea of human sacrifice in Ancient Greece seems to be a contradiction as it was the center and role model of civilization over the years. It changes the views of several things about what we use to know. I also look at this article as it explains a process of preservation, which archaeology is not very good at. The site they were looking at seems to be 5000 years old and as artifacts like pottery as well.

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  1. It is interesting that we can still learn more about the Ancient Greece culture in today’s excavations even though we had believed to know just about all the major aspect of their culture. It is fascinating to think about how many cities and villages that were within proximity of Greece began to integrate this practice in their daily lives. Its intriguing to read about all the writings and speculations of ancient Greece sacrificing humans in the name of the god Zeus. However, according to the article, much more research and excavation will need to go into this discovery in order to find irrefutable evidence that sacrifices were indeed occurring,

  2. Great article that you found! After looking over the article, I am interested in the fact that Greece participated in human sacrifices. This is not a topic that is usually discussed when sacrifices is brought up in topic. Greece sacrifices in the name of Zeus since that is their god. After reading through your article I noticed that the article explains how we were uncertain and old cultures are extremely important. It is interesting how you mention the contradiction, as it was the center and role model of the civilization. This changed my viewpoints in regard to what I believed around Ancient Greece.

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