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The article I would like to talk about for this week is called ‘Geological data provide support for legendary Chinese flood’ from Archaeology News Network, published on August 4, 2016.

The title of this article attracts my attention at the time I firstly see it. This is a widely spread story in China, just as the story of Noah’s Ark is the western world. As a legendary story, it is quite interesting to see that archaeologists could discover some evidence to support the it.

This article mainly talks about the geological evidence of the great flood in roughly 1920 BC. By using the radiocarbon dating techniques on the sediments, archaeologists are able to determine the degree of broke towards the dam, and predicts the existence of the great flood in the history.

Besides the surprising of the possibility that the great flood might actually exist, I would put some doubts on the research. According to this article, the evidence is actually a little weak to determine the existence. There are many other possibilities, other than the great flood, that may cause the break of the dam. However, the coinciding date of the discover result and the legendary story, as well as some records of Xia dynasty, still looks interesting and the prediction seems to be reasonable in some degree. And it reminds us that there might be some other legendary stories which have their actual historical base if we finally test and verify this one.


URL: https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2016/08/geological-data-provide-support-for.html#1IyOR6rSoHwflTyt.97

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  1. Geological data provide quite a lot of support for Chinese flood information. From what we have discovered, this is a similar story to the famous Noah’s Arc. The article goes into depth around the discoveries of geographical evidence that supports the flood around 1920 BC. The radio carbon dating techniques helped archeologists to discover that the degree of the flood broke toward the the dam. This helped support the existence of the flood in history. Furthermore, what observations we have discovered have led to more discoveries around flooding evidence. The story is similar to the Noah’s arc information that we already process.

  2. It’s great to know that archaeology has advanced so much that it can now prove some incidents which were previously thought to be mythological. 1920 BC was a time period very very long ago in history. To even think about the events that happened so long ago is just crazy. Being this far in the course, I am able to think about some of the techniques that they might have used to determine the facts. As the article mentions, they used radiocarbon technique they found the human bone remains to be some 3000 years old. Even though there was little evidence to support the matter, it still is a great step.

  3. It is a really interesting article to know that they could find an evidence of a huge flood happened in the past that broke the dam. Although, as you mentioned that there might be lots of other possible reasons which caused the damaged dam. But, I believe that they have a trustworthy evidence otherwise they would not post it in such a worldwide news. I really want to know any further information about this because China has a rich and very interesting history, especially everything related to legendary stories. I would say that it may become more attracted if they provide more scientific evidence, such as radiocarbon dating.

  4. I actually thought it was astounding that archaeology could find a natural disaster that happened in the past in todays time. I thought that something like that would be extremely hard to prove as it doesn’t leave much trace over time, yet archaeology proves that it is possible. If this is true, is it possible to uncover many other floods that happened in the past and made a dent in the world? The real problem seems to be how reliable this information actually is and whether or not it can prove more studies on sites all over the world. I really loved this article as it made me think more in depth about the power of archaeology.

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