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For my Archaeology in the News Post for week six I came across a post about human remains found at a sacrificial alter in Mt. Lykaion.  This site is known to be a place where animal sacrifices were made in the honor of the almighty Zeus, King of the Gods. According to the article this is the first set of human remains actually discovered at the site. The remains were well reserved and covered with stone slabs, which to me sounds like some kind of burial ceremony. The remains are believed to be that of an adolescent and the skull of the remains is missing, however the jaw is intact. The significance of this in terms of archaeology is that for a site where only animal sacrifices are made, it makes me wonder if human sacrifices were practiced here, and if so why were they never recovered and are there more sets of human remains at this site? Since dating is the theme this week in class seriation and superposition can probably both be used when discussing the article as it will help us to see how long the remains and its items have been and there and when they were buried. The stone slabs could maybe tell a lot as well, as I am sure they were not laced there by accident. While the article states that human activity is somewhat frequent at this site, I am pretty sure that this site is full of rich secrets that would be worth uncovering.

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  1. After reading through your summary of the article/find, I have similar questions to you about if there are more sets of human remains at the site. It seems like a find like this, and any future potential finds in the area of human remains, will completely change the story proposed by archaeologists. It’s one thing to have animal sacrifices, but the addition of human sacrifices changes the narrative completely. Which people would have been sacrificed and what was the purpose of a human sacrifice versus an animal sacrifice. I like to think that if more finds like this are discovered, it will certainly open up an entire new world of opportunities to research the area.

  2. When the article says that the body had stone slabs on it, it automatically makes me think of witches. Like in Salem Massachusetts where potential witches were tortured in this manner to get a confession of their crimes out of the person. The skull being missing also makes me think similarly, like in Europe where vampire and zombies were a threat the dead would have their head separated from their body to ensure that they would not come back to life. It is possible this person was a criminal that was punished in the name of Zeus because of the rarity of the crime committed, that would explain why there was only one but it will be interesting to see what else comes next.

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