W6 Reflection post

-The sequence of the vessels from oldest to youngest will be Vessel A, Vessel C, Vessel J, Vessel B, Vessel G, Vessel F, Vessel I, Vessel K, Vessel E, Vessel H, and then Vessel L. I used the law of superposition when trying to figure out the order. I also looked at the constant change of characteristics of the vessels. You can look at the sequence based on the way they change.

– The vessel A doesn’t fit into the sequence in my opinion. Since it was the oldest vessel and the fact that the characteristics of this vessel were a lot different than the sequences that we looked at. It is clear that it has certain characteristics that make it stand out compared to other vessels. As you can look at, it seems to have the only the punctuate decoration over the whole thing. So it seems that this vessel doesn’t fit into the sequence.

– Yes, A has characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the vessels, but it is still have a lot of similarities to the sequence as well. Vessel C and A seem to have a conical spout with a flanged rim as well as a massive rounded stirrup, and a convex-curved body with flat bottom. As we said before, vessel A does not belong in the sequence yet these are some similarities it has with some of the other vessel. Compared to all the other vessels it seems that It should be put next to C or next to the vessels near C, such as vessel J. The vessel A does not have extremely similar characteristics to many other vessels. It also has slight characteristics of A and B that can be related back to it.  So maybe it should be next to C.

-I think that the first problem illustrates that the pottery fragments had similar characteristics in size and shape as the old vessels in the second problem. The fragments of pottery and the vessels with in the older layers seem to have a constant trait of punctuate and applique decoration, conical shaped spouts, and flanged rims. Now the newer pottery and vessels seem to have straight-sided spout and triangular shaped stirrups versus round shaped stirrups.They also had stripes on the newer ones as well. So looking at both problems you could figure out whether or not you found a trend between older and newer pottery and vessels.

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