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To start off trying to figure out how to order these vessels, I had to take screenshots of them individually first. I am a visual person so I lined them up on my computer to see them side by side and be able move them around so I could see the transitions from piece to piece. The information about vessel L being newer than vessel B gave me a starting point on how to organize them. After grouping them together based on major similarities I figured out an order that I agree with the most. Starting from the oldest piece to the youngest, my order is: J,C,B,G,I,F,K,B,E,L,H. Vessels J and C are both completely covered with perforations but have blank handles and spouts. B and G also contain no markings on the handles or spouts, but show perforations marks similar to J and C. The difference between these two sets is B and G show a striping pattern on the body. This striping pattern moves onto the rest of the pieces somewhere on the vessel. I and F have the blank handles from the earlier pieces. I switched from perforations to solid black stripes on the body. F and K have stripes on the bodies but only has two solid lines instead of three. J through I all have flat bottoms, but F through E gain rounded bottoms. K through L have striped spouts and blank handles and D through L have straight spouts instead of a concave spout. . The stripes on the bodies of D and E become horizontal. E and L lose patterns on the bottom halves of the bodies. H and L both have very similar body shapes, but H contains all three techniques of blank areas, black areas, and perforations showing a lot of time went into this piece.The older vessels have some sort of beveling or flanged rim where the later pieces move towards flat rims. Also worth noting is as time progressed in this sequence the thickness of the handles became thinner and further apart on the body of the vessel.  I was not able to fit vessel A in my order due to it combining the perforation technique of J through G but also contains the complex design of H. Also, the shape of the body fits those pieces that are older, but the designs only resemble those on H. If I were to place A in the sequence I would place it middle of the sequence. The body shape is too similar to those that are older but the design is more complex than anything else created. The simplicity shown in the earlier pieces would correspond to those who were on the land much earlier than those who created the pieces later in the sequence. Relating this to the first problem, Piece J would correspond to strata U and piece H would correspond to strata A.

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  1. I thought the idea you had of taking screenshots of the vessels and lining them up so you could see all of them was really great! It probably made it much easier to find similarities and differences that way. I got quite a different vessel order than you did, but after looking at your really great and detailed explanation, I definitely understand your sequence and why it works. I agree with you that vessel A did not seem to fit entirely within the group, and I also agree that it would go somewhere in the middle of the sequence. Great post!

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