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I think that the correct seriation order for the vessels would be Vessel A, Vessel C, Vessel J, Vessel B, Vessel G, Vessel I, Vessel F, Vessel K, Vessel D, Vessel E, Vessel L, and finally, Vessel H.  The hint that Vessel B was dated to be older than Vessel L with the law of superposition really gave a nice starting point.  Also, I thought that it was easier to tell which vessels were older based off the decorations, shapes, and styles used on the vessels.


Yes, I thought that Vessel A was the outlier and that it did not fit well anywhere in the seriation order.


I thought that Vessel A did not fit well in the order because of its very unique style and construction.  Like stated in the article, this could be due to a variety of reasons.  For example, a group could have lived in the area and left for an undetermined amount of time, or it could have even been an heirloom of some sort that was passed down from generation to generation.  There are numerous reasons why Vessel A is so different from the other vessels it was found with.


Yes, I do believe Vessel A has some similar characteristics to some others. Overall, I thought that the general shape of the body started with the convex curved flat bottom and then evolved into the convex curved round bottom.  So that was my first reason why I thought it would be the oldest out of the group.  Another reason I thought Vessel A was the oldest was because it has no painting or major detail on the surface.  It simply has the punctate decoration throughout the entire surface, which is a detail associated with the other older vessels.  Even though I think Vessel A is extremely unique and doesn’t fit well in the seriation order, I’m still going to say that it is the oldest out of them all.


In problem one we deciphered the order of age from the artifacts found based off of the Law of Superposition as well as the details of the artifacts themselves.  In this problem, because we do not have the Law of Superposition on our side, we are mainly looking at the details and description of each of the vessels to determine the age of each.  We had to work with details like how each vessel was shaped, the types of decorations on the vessels, and the functionality of the bottoms and spouts to each one as well.

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  1. I agree with your statement that Vessel A would be the outlier of the group. However, I did not put it as the oldest vessel but at the end of the perforation marking period. The complex designs made me believe those who were working with pottery may have been trying to make a complex design for more important events. The main characteristics I had used for the order of seriation for the vessels were the shape of the body, the decorations on the body, and the decorations on the stout. Using these details, my order of vessels was slightly different than yours but the general order was the same.

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