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The chronological order that I came up with for the stirrup spout bottles is: A, C, J, G, B, I, F, K, D, E, L, H. By using seriation as well as the data supplied from the law of superposition, this seemed to be the most logical order to put the bottles in. Despite this order, it does seem that there is one vessel that doesn’t quite fit the sequence. While first looking over the data I was leaning towards vessel 2H being the out of place vessel, but then went through a period where I changed my mind to vessel 2A. In the end, I returned to my initial thoughts and have decided that it is indeed vessel 2H that does not seem to fit the sequence.

While vessel 2A does seem to be unique its usage of punctuate and appliqué over the entire vessel, it shares too many similarities with the older vessels in the sequence. At the same time, it does not really share any similarities with the newer vessels in the sequence. On the other hand, vessel 2H appears to have similarities with vessels that range all across the chronological sequence. This is a wild guess by me, and I will admit that I don’t have a lot of hard evidence to back it up, but it almost seems like vessel 2H was made by someone who came across all (or at least some) of the older vessels and decided to take and use all of the features they found cool/unique. Again, this could be totally wrong, but it’s just a gut instinct that I have. I do definitely think that it belongs last (or newest) in the sequence, though. Seeing as it contains features that span across the entire chronology, this only makes sense. Especially since it has so many. Additionally, it seems to be the most “complex” of all the vessels while the earlier vessels (A, C, J, etc…) all appear to be more “minimal” in their design.

If you look back on question 1, the older layers contained pottery similar to those placed early in my chronology. They had little decoration and mostly used punctuate. As time went on, paint started to be used and the designs became more elaborate. The spout, rim, and stirrup styles all seem to go on a similar path. The spouts and stirrups become more narrow over time, triangular stirrups show up. These changes show a specialization as well as a desire to make things look a certain way. Since the older vessels seem to be larger/cruder, it could be deduced that originally they didn’t have a lot of knowledge as to how to most efficiently make these vessels, but instead did what was easiest and simply refined it over time.

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  1. I agree with your observations about the vessels and how they relate to question one. I noticed similar trends in the art and spout design in both question one and question two. I like the evidence you used to support your claim that vessel H is the one that is out of place. It makes a lot of sense. The fact that vessel H shares so many characteristics with all the other vessels does make it seem out of place, like you suggested. I thought vessel E was the one that was out of place because it seemed to have some characteristics that were unique to it alone, but I can see your reasoning for vessel H.

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