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In my opinion, based on my interpretations after I learned about the seriation technique, the order would be vessel A, vessel C, vessel J,vessel B, vessel G, vessel K, vessel I, vessel F, vessel D, vessel E, vessel L, vessel J, and vessel H. This seriation attempt made based on the information that vessel B is older than vessel L, the shapes, decorations, and all other details given about each vessel is also considered.

The only vessel that I think it will not fit really well in the sequence is vessel A, due to its unique shape that makes it looks like farther apart in time compared to the other vessels. Also, the decoration is totally different, its decoration spanned over the entire surface of the vessel rather than having them only on the spout, the body or the stirrup. Moreover, it is a combination of applique and punctate decoration which is not similar with all of the other vessels . With this in mind, I would hypothesize that vessel A is the oldest archaeological remain among the others. It is still a continuous developments, but there might be a bigger gaps in terms of time between vessel A and vessel C.

Features that I think helped me a lot to do this seriation is the decoration and the vessels’ height. When I looked up the images of each of the vessel, it seems like the categorization flows based on their height which created a big group and then shifting its decoration overtime. The other thing that also helped a lot in figuring out the sequence is a clue given in the beginning of the problem, which mentioned that vessel B is older than vessel L based on the law of superposition. This lead me to sort them based on the shape they have, which guide me to the conclusion where the cupcake-shaped vessels are more recent than the convex or concave shape.

According to the seriation technique I used to order these vessels, the way people decorate their vessels have shift from punctate decoration all the way to an alternating bands decoration, which then ended up with a combination of both punctate and alternating bands decoration. I believe that this stylistic differences on the vessels have a relevancy with cultural developments overtime. The level of complexity in terms of the decoration, shape, and color on their vessels might also have improved overtime.

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  1. Your sequence was relatively similar to mine. We had a few differences in the middle of the sequence, however the overall sequence seems to be sound. I also agree that vessel A was the only one that did not fit in the sequence very well. However, I took a different approach in trying to place it somewhere in the sequence. I thought that vessel A was the newest one in the sequence as opposed to the oldest. I thought that the complex design and appliqué decoration signified that it was a newer piece of pottery while the punctate decoration and shape of the body could be described as an attempt to replicate earlier pieces of pottery. I would be interested to see what the “right” answer is, if there is one.

  2. Our sequences were pretty similar in order. Vessel A was the vessel that I also picked as the oldest vessel in the sequence in addition to it being the one that did not quite fit in. I thought that the shape gradually changing over time was an interest aspect when ordering the vessels. Although, it seems that you used height as much more of a factor than I did. It is interested what little aspects that a lot of people are picking different one of. I think that the explanation that the decoration switched designs and then later had both is a sound argument.

  3. You and I had a really similar seriation order for each of the vessels. I agree with you that a big factor in deciding the order was the type of decoration on the surface of the vessel. However, one feature that I did not really acknowledge was the height of each vessel. But now that you bring it up, I notice a gradual height change throughout my seriation order. They seemed to get shorter and wider as they become more recent. Although I mainly focused on the details and decoration of each vessel, I think my seriation order might have changed a bit if I paid more attention to the height like you did.

  4. Your seriation sequence is very similar to mine with a few discrepancies in the middle of the sequence but the general trend was the same. I also agree that vessel A was the most out of place because it included a decoration pattern that was very different than the other vessels. I also agree that the most important features for seriating these objects were the shape, and decoration and it would be impossible to know which style was the most recent without the data given in the first paragraph about vessel B being older than vessel L. I really enjoyed your interpretation that the decoration is representative of the cultural changes of the time.

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