W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

There have been many articles from the archaeology in the news assignments that have been interesting throughout the semester.  I have had the chance to read summaries on many different projects and this has greatly aided in my understanding of what actual archaeology projects look like today, and relate some of the material that we learned to real projects.  In particular, I found the article about using many different methods such as satellite imaging for their project unique and very relatable to our class.  The other one that I found very interesting was the article about the underwater excavation, since it is not what we generally think of when we talk about archaeology.  It would be great to learn more about the methods involved in this type of project.  I was also able to read three articles fully for my own reports, and these stand out to me more simply because of the depth I was able to read about them.  I would have to say that my favorite of all that I have read would be my most recent article on the project at Pompeii.  This related directly to the discussions earlier in class, particularly at the Pompeii site.  It would be incredible to be able to visit Pompeii and see in person the abundant preservation of the past, so I believe the possibility of actually seeing this site is what peaked my interest the most.

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  1. I did not read an article about an underwater excavation, and it most definitely is not something we think of when we talk about archaeology. I would love to learn more about that! It is pretty cool how we can find artifacts and material remains in so many different places on Earth. Also, I noticed that you mentioned Pompeii in your post. I just visited Pompeii this past week, and it was incredible. There are so many things to see, and since I only had two hours to visit, I felt like I did not see enough. There were pots, sculptures, buildings, artwork on the ground of buildings, columns, and much more. You should definitely visit if you get the chance!

  2. Jason, the articles that I have read for my own posts and the summaries from others in class have been very intriguing and many of them talk about findings that I would not have considered possible. I had also read about the underwater excavation. It was interesting to learn what they were able to do underwater and how they needed change the ways they proceeded in order to reach the same results. Pompeii would be an amazing place to visit. All the information and history that could come out of visiting a place of that magnitude would be a once in a lifetime trip that many would be lucky to take.

  3. Looking at these sort of assignments as a whole proved to be very beneficial to me in the sense that it allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for the many things the past has left behind and showed us our potential from an early era. This sort of assignment was very enjoyable in reading the articles I found and the ones others have found; learning more about past civilizations such as Pompeii and seeing how there was a great divide between the rich and the poor was fascinating. Overall, these assignments allowed me the opportunity to do a little research and read very interesting articles about the new discoveries of this world.

  4. Jason, I also find underwater excavation to be super interesting. In another archaeology class I took at MSU, we talked about a site of a ship that had sunk. In order to excavate the ship, they built was wall all the way to the sea floor and drained the water out. They then had to work quickly to excavate the wood and other materials before they decomposed after being exposed to the air. I also find sites like Pompeii intriguing. To be able to look at a snapshot in time like Pompeii is so rare and informational. You learn so much more about how they lived as apposed to studying gravesites.

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