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Throughout the semester we have spent quite sometime reflecting on a variety of different time periods. The first section we spent some time on what archeology actually is and how it can be applied in everyday research and discovery. The second week we went even further into researching what archeology is today and what discoveries from the past have led us to more and more discoveries because of our findings and how beneficial it is to be educated on these different methods. The third week we learned all about how the process works. What process different archeologists have and why they do what they do to lead to different discoveries, we also learned about different time periods and how much progress has been made from educating through universities. Week four and five had a similar focus, really interpreting and analyzing the past and what has occurred because of different findings. I think that the fourth post that I had around I can definitely say that the skeletal remains were one of the most important remains because this shows the relation between different tribes and ethnicities. This also shows how these people were related. Another big artifact that was important was the pottery from Pompeii. This shows the time they were at in industrialization. Technology was shown toward the end that really brought out artifacts that were not easy to identify unless you could see underground. I also found that it was interesting that they noted the fact that today we can identify some behavioral traits and ways of life that we discovered from so long ago. Another comment to add is the households that remained from each of the four locations, these are extremely important for studying the way these people lived everyday and for us to even come close to understanding what life was like for them. The leaders in Teotihuacan are all related which I found very interesting. In Rome, there were some similar preserves as Ceren, except what we could see in Rome was more décor. In Pompeii, we saw some very interesting artifacts such as the pottery that was a mass production. I would say the biggest difference between the four kinds of households is the different roles within each family. Also, each civilization had a different organization and lifestyle, which was clearly seen from what survived and what didn’t. These findings I was the most interested in.

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  1. I really like your post. It had a really good flow to it and I liked how you went into detail about each week of our class. That was really different. I actually like the discussion of burials, especially when artifacts are left behind. So many stories and theories can come from the things that was left behind and I really like that. Also we can tell how intelligent and how advance the people in the past has become when we can discover traces of technology. It’s also interesting the archaeologists were able to discover behavioral traits. I would of thought that would of been very hard to do.

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