W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

Over the course of this semester, there have been many great articles I have wrote on and my fellow classmates have written on. One in particular that I found very interesting to read about and learn from was an article about an Alamo dig that discovered bricks from the Spanish colonial era. This was a major new discovery that allowed for us to analyze the structure of the brick and actually peak into potential building structures they had from this time period. This foundation structure that they discovered is very important for increasing our knowledge of the past and make connections between what they had and how it differs or is similar to what we have today. This was probably one of my favorite articles to read because it allowed me the chance to read about a new discovery that was lying in wait and showed what that time period had to offer and how they constructed their buildings. It is still fascinating to me how much there is to discover in this world and how the past can teach us many different things. This world is interesting and constantly reminds us of the many hidden things it has to offer, and I’m glad that this course allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for the many discoveries made by anthropologists and archaeologists.

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