W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

There were many interesting articles written about throughout the semester but my favorite was the article I read in week six. The article was about a burial pit found on the island of Cyprus. The burial pit was dated to three thousand five hundred years ago and contained the remains of eight children and nine adults. The most interesting part of the find were all of the artifacts that were discovered in the burial pit. There were artifacts from all over the eastern Mediterranean. Some of the artifacts found were pieces of pottery from Syria, Mesopotamia, and Greece and many pieces of gold jewelry. Perhaps the most important artifact found at the site, in terms of helping to date the site, were some Egyptian scarab figures with inscriptions that linked them to Pharaoh Thutmosis III. I was very interested by the fact that this discovery showed how connected the ancient Mediterranean was and the wealth that some people were able to acquire in the ancient world. I also found the article interesting because it included many elements that we discussed in class. The site was originally discovered using ground penetrating radar which we learned about in week three. The team also used the scarab figures, objects of a know age, to assist in dating the find like we learned in week six. The combination of these factors made this the most interesting article to me

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  1. Scott, interesting points and great info in your reflection post. It is true that the combination of all the factors involved with scarab figures that really caused the objects to know an age and to be able to assist with and in dating these facts that we learned in week six. The article around the burial site and what was found inside was really interesting. The site was true around the penetrating radar and all around the information we learned in week three. I agree with you, the most interesting part of all of the information was that the artifacts were discovered in a burial pit. All of the pottery that was found really show cased the talent that these people had so many years ago.

  2. Scott, I also find gravesites to be extremely interesting. I am always surprised how much information archaeologists can gather by looking at remains and the artifacts they are buried with. Finding artifacts from all over the Mediterranean in the burial pit has specific meaning to archaeologists. This means that the society was advanced enough for trade and social classes. Those buried with unique and rare objects must have had significant status. I find it interesting that the burial pit contained so many children, nearly as many as adults. I would like to know more about why these children were buried in this pit and what caused their deaths so early in life.

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