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From the opening scenes of this show there are many aspects of ethics that these two men are not following if they were true archeologists. To highlight the things that will be found throughout the show, one man states “This is going to be the biggest find in American history!” This is quite unethical due to him not knowing exactly what it is he found and the historical value of the item. The other star of the show exclaimed how much money his find could possibly be worth. Throughout the show they also put estimated prices on each item that is found. Archaeologists would not consider how much a find is worth, but how much information could be gained from the object that was discovered. There are quite a few procedures that differ between the show and archaeologists in real life. The stars of the show take metal detectors and walk around people’s yards to find small objects on the surface of the ground. Archaeologists would first look at historical maps and try to figure out the best locations where possible artifacts or civilizations could be situated. Once the men of the show find a small piece, they immediately begin to dig for the object. Once they find the object they pick it up, begin to guess what it is, and place it in their bag and continue on to the next find. The big difference is once archaeologists find an artifact in the ground, they continue looing in the area around said object in hopes of finding related object from that time period. The more objects they find in an area, the more information they can obtain about what happened previously on that land, and can begin to put together the puzzle pieces of the culture of the people who lived there. The stars of the show lose the potential of finding more artifacts that cannot be found with a metal detector like pottery, organic material, or the foundation of an old building. Another problem I have with the procedures these two men is once they found the leaf spring for the potential blacksmith shop, they kept trying to pull the piece out without uncovering the full object. If they had uncovered the full leaf spring they would have been able to easily lift it out of the hole, but the dug a big hole trying to pull out the spring, which could have damaged it if it was not made out of metal. Overall, these men only care about making a big deal about each small find they come across in order to keep their audience interested.

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  1. I agree with all of your points regarding the stars of the show. They miss out on a lot of potentially important discoveries because they are only looking for metal objects. I thought it was interesting that when the one star found what he thought was charred wood he just chipped it out of his way. If they had been true archaeologists they would have used the wood as a major clue. I think you are right when you say all they care about is keeping their audience entertained by making their small discoveries so dramatic. They were also not very delicate with the items they found, like you pointed out.

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