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This episode and possibly the entire show as a whole does not portray archaeology for what is actually is and shows it in a terrible light and also incredibly unethical which is why ethical archaeologists would have a problem with this show. In the beginning stages of this show, it shows that even the hosts are not really taking this seriously or even portray how serious archaeology actually is; the many examples in this show demonstrate how careless they are with the site they and the limited number of tools they use. Comparing it to what actual archaeology is, this is a poor demonstration of it and is very likely fooling into people believing that these people are archaeologists. What happens in a real archaeological dig or working in a site, they are extremely careful when working around the site and make sure that they have plenty of manpower when doing a dig because it is a long and complicated process when doing it correctly. Also showcased in this episode was the lack of communication between the leader (or host) in making sure that the spot where a person was digging at was approved because there are a few instances in the episode where you wonder if that spot wasn’t someone’s property or a spot that wasn’t really authorized to dig at. Instances like these would have actual archaeologists condemning the show for their practices and how this is disgraceful to people who are real archaeologists.

Looking more into the way how they actually “acquired” artifacts once again showed how they are not real archaeologists. Their primary tool was a metal detector to search for different things in the ground, and then they would go into the ground and use their fingers to search for the artifact instead of using the proper tools that a real archaeologist would use. Even when they found any artifacts, there was no hurry or rush to document the item discovered or even take pictures of where it was found. The final thing I want to touch about this episode was probably the biggest and most unethical thing spoken in this whole episode; one of the hosts of the show was excited when seeing an artifact that was found and then said something about wondering how much the item would be worth? This is a major problem and very unethical; real archaeologists do not make discoveries for monetary gain or look for compensation, but instead want to increase the knowledge of the world and showcase the artifact of the past to others. This is a huge crime as an archaeologist and should never be said because it reflects on their character and how they are only in it for the money which shouldn’t be an archaeologists goal. Overall, there were many problems with this show and portrays archaeologists in a terrible light and should be condemned for even making this kind of show.

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  1. Darrell, I completely agree with you, the men in this show do not take archaeology seriously. They are making a mockery of the profession and only escalating the confusion people seem to have, because of the media, as to what it means to be an archaeologists. When you mention that there seems to be a lack of communication between the hosts, I agree. I hadn’t thought about it much but you are right, they are completely disorganized. There is no rhyme or reason to where they are digging. They used improper tools, and had no regard for the protection or preservation of the artifact.

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