W7 Archaeology in the news

I loved all the blogs I read discussing their article. It was very nice reading their post and learning about different things. I didn’t know all of the archaeological discovery was going on like that. So it was really nice knowing we are still finding out about history today. I really enjoyed this class more than I expected. It really helped me with my misconceptions about archaeology. My favorite archaeology in the news would probably be, “Human Remains Unearthed at Temple of Zeus at Mount Lykaion”. I like this one the most because it was a very interesting discovery. It was fascinating that for one of our assignments we had to look at pottery for relative dating and guess which pot was older and younger. At that site they did the exact thing to determine how old the human remains was which I found really interesting. Archaeologists also found animal remains. Even though archaeologists only excavated 7% of the site they still came across a lot of information. Then it was also nice that someone else came across a different article about the same topic. It was good reading their perspective of the article. Looking at someone else view point puts more questions in your head.

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