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My favorite news story from this year so far has to be the article I posted for last week’s assignment.  It was an article from ABCNews.com about how archaeologists found some human remains on Mount Lykaion in Greece, which is the supposed birth place of the ancient Greek God Zeus.  There is an ancient myth about how there were many animals and even humans sacrificed in honor of Zeus, and these findings could potentially confirm this age old tale.  In retrospect, it is not that humane of a story, but just the fact that archaeologists could have confirmed such a historical tale is amazing to me.


That is probably why this news article was my favorite one so far.  I really love to hear about the new things archaeologists discover and what type of impact it could make on our history and thoughts about our culture.  Or even in this case, it is fascinating when something they find could potentially confirm ancient myths or tales passed down from generation to generation.  It is crazy to think of how much information we have gained from archaeology.  And in my opinion, it is even crazier to think of how much more information is our there to be found.

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  1. This was actually my favorite one too. I found this article so fascinating with all the artifacts and remains they found with the body. The really cool thing is that they only recover a small portion of the site and was able to discover so many things. I can’t wait for them to uncover more of the site to see if the rumors of human sacrificed is true or not. There is so much history below us it’s crazy. I doubt we will discover everything but I know we will discovery majority of our past and have better perspective on what when on back then.

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