W7 Archaeology in the News Reflection Post

This is article I chose as my favorite was originally posted by Jason Sammut.  This article was about Pompeii.  It was about the restoration of a kitchen within a three story launderette.  The launderette was used to wash the wealthy Roman’s clothes.  The kitchen equipment was actually discovered in 1912 but then it was moved about Pompeii.  It has been returned and is on display as it would have been utilized 2000 years ago.  Grills were placed over troughs where charcoal fires were lit to heat the food.  To be able to appreciate how they went about completing the “daily chores” of preparing of food and doing laundry reminds us we are do different today – yet so similar as well.

The reason I chose this as my favorite is because I really enjoy reading all I can about Pompeii.  Pompeii plays a huge role in why I am interested in archaeology.  I had a teacher back in 5th grade that introduced us to Pompeii.  She had gone on a summer exhibition and shared all of her photos and materials with us.  For me, to be able to see how they were living their daily lives, it fascinating.  The entire site is a snapshot in time.  The entire town was going about their business and within an instant they were covered in ash. 

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  1. It is definitely extremely fascinating to learn about how people of the past went about their daily lives. Chores such as preparing meals and doing laundry are things that we (and humans of the past) don’t even think about. It is just something that we do every day without putting much thought into it. Yet it is still so interesting to find out how our ancestors went about these activities. We have come so far as a civilization, and we will continue to make strides forward as time passes, but one thing that we can never change is the past! We all have a common history, and it is important for us to study it!

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